About you!

    This is a shout out to all the ladies who have felt that shame. Shame about your body for being the way it is. So much shame that you can’t leave the house, let alone go to a yoga class. This is for the ladies who let the way their body looks determine what they can wear and even where they can go on vacation. This is for the ladies who feel that pain. The pain of self-hatred. The pain of not being good enough. The pain of not feeling that you deserve all the goodies that life has to offer.

    For all the ladies who have felt that shame and that pain… and yet simultaneously felt their inner diva. The Beyonce inside! The part of you that still wants to shake it. The part of you that knows you are more. You are more than this shame. You are more than the shape of your body. You are more than a number on a scale. The part of you that can see all the good you have to offer. All the value you bring to the world.

    The part of you that knows:

    • Your size doesn’t have to stop you from practicing yoga.
    • Your size doesn’t have to stop you from loving your body.
    • Your size doesn’t have to stop you from loving your life.
    • Your life doesn’t have to be all about your luscious size; it’s all about the size of your Luscious Life.
    I’m Krystal and I want to take you there. I’d like to introduce you to your very own Luscious Life!

    I want to help you find so much sweetness in your yoga practice your mouth will water. I want to help you find so much pleasure in your body you can’t help but shake your booty. I want you to love your life more than you ever dreamed possible.
    I want to help you experience your Luscious Life.

    How do I know this is possible? I have lived this.


    About me!


    I have always been on a journey of self-improvement, but in 2008, I thought, “I am finally going to really kick this body in its ass and take control”. I went on restrictive diets, made lifestyle changes and worked out everyday. And after a year of deprivation and literally putting blood, sweat, tears and vomit into my workouts, not much had changed about my health, my happiness or the way my body looked. I was beyond frustrated. I was completely and utterly demoralized.

    This is when I decided to let it all go. To let go of the old way I had been doing things. The way I had been trying to fix myself for over 20 years. To give up on food restriction. To throw out my scale. And to take back my body. Instead I decided to go on a “diet from negative thoughts” (as the affirmation guru, Louise Hay would say). I began a dedicated yoga and meditation practice, driven by spiritual aims rather than physical goals. And over time something subtle and magical happened.

    I began to sense that I was more than my body and I was definitely more than the way my body looked. My worth and my value was more than a number on a scale. It was a slow and subtle process, but the power of yoga brought me to this place. Asana taught me about strength I didn’t know I had. About breathing through challenge. About the incredible ability and power of my body that has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks of my body. This power is my own. I get to define it. Meditation taught me to live in the now. That the power is in the present. Not in some future self I wish to be. It is through my dedication to yoga and to becoming a yoga teacher that I began to love my body and love my life.

    This is what I offer to other women who suffer. Women who suffer from self-hatred and body-hatred. Women who know they are more than this and are looking for a way to empower themselves to begin to love their bodies and their lives.

    Krystal thompson I own the power of my body. I alone get to define it.


    Mission. Vision. Values.


    The Luscious Life creates body positive yoga offerings for people who struggle to feel good in their bodies, to help free themselves from the shackles of body shame and get on with living their Luscious Life.


      • Listen to what people are struggling with
      • Offer services that fit with everyone’s busy schedules
      • Refine and improve our services through customer feedback
      • Practice according to our values
      • Use a foundation of compassion for our offerings
      • Empower our clients with knowledge
      • Honour the tradition of yoga
      • Honour indigenous land
      • Make our spaces as anti-oppressive as possible including anti-racist, anti-colonial, patriarchy resistant, LGBTQ+ positive and body and ability positive
      • Explore ways to make our services as accessible as possible, including, but not limited to, offering free classes, offering classes-by-donation, offering classes from which proceeds will be donated to a cause and offering to work with individuals for whom cost is a barrier to make out offerings accessible


      • Continue to learn new ways to make our offerings even better
      • Continue to learn about yoga, anatomy, healing and trauma
      • Practice according to our values
      • Have our focus on the greater good of our clients
      • Remember WHY we do, what we do
      • Continue to work to create a safe and supportive environment in all interactions with our clients


      • Equality
      • Safety
      • Compassion
      • Self-love
      • Community

    Are you ready ladies?

    Are you ready to be so excited about your life you can’t wait to jump out of bed? Are you ready for your life to get so delicious it will make your mouth water? Are you ready for a yoga practice so pleasurable and healing that you too will experience the shift to loving your body as it is?

    Say it with me…


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