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Dear Holistic Wellness Spaces and Holistic Wellness Providers:

We can do so much better! Can we really call it a Holistic Wellness Practice without awareness of oppression and injustice? Can we really call it a Holistic Wellness Space without implementation of systems to combat those oppressions and injustices? Without protecting those affected by oppression and injustice? How is it health and wellness if […]

Why is levator scapula linked to self-care?

Today I am anatomy nerding out and connecting our muscular tension to our mental health! Check it out! Levator Scapula is the primary shoulder shrugging muscle. We can consciously use this muscle to shrug our shoulders up, but our bodies also subconsciously respond to stress by lifting our shoulders up towards our ears. The engagement […]

Body Love True Stories: Part 2

  Yay! It’s time for the second instalment of Body Love True Stories – Inspirational stories of people’s body love journeys and where that journey has taken them. These stories are from people I have worked with and they are my inspiration. Their stories are so powerful and I want the world to know what […]