The Bikini Body Project ceremonial midnight swim.

The Bikini Body Project: The Ceremony

The Bikini Body Project ceremonial midnight swim.

Long Lake, Yellowknife, Canada. 11:50pm.

So I had this whole RUHCUS Bikini Body Project thing planned and I told a few people about it, but do I really have to go through with it? Summer has come and it is time to start the Ruhcus, but- Guys! I’m just not feeling it. Just the thought of doing this is making all my weird body image issues come up. I turned to the steps outlined by Sonya, and thought…

And for me a ceremony includes champagne, gorgeous flowers and my besties.

Bikini Body Ceremony Collage

I even pulled a Self-Care Card to start the ceremony and got COURAGE – Take the leap. Your courage will see you through.

I was feeling pretty nervous about doing my planned bikini fashion show so I asked my friends if they would offer a positive body story from their life. A time when they appreciated their bodies for all that they are. Themes of fear, trauma, perseverance, acceptance, celebration, freedom and body-love all emerged and I felt so privileged to hear their stories.

Then THE BEST THING EVER HAPPENED: I was massaged by four women who truly love me. Probably the best antidote for any body-shame. So off I went to model my bikinis to the soundtrack of Beyonce. Bikini body blessings were offered and we closed the ceremony with the midnight swim pictured above. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

What would your ceremony look like? Who would you want to be a part of it?

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