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Bikini Body Project Day 11: A shout out to the men!


Serious Body Lovin'

That’s my “I’m taking loving my body seriously” face.

Bikini Body Project Day 11: A shout out to the men!

This is a shout out to all of the men that have supported the Bikini Body Project. From my dad and brothers who have always supported me in everything I do, but especially in my efforts of loving myself. To the men who have come up to me to let me know that they get it. They know exactly why body-shame needs to be discussed and why I am on a mission to help women love their bodies. To a particularly lovely male friend who wrote these words of support:

What I wanted to say is that you are beautiful. Inside and out: beautiful. Now some disclaimers. You do not need this man or any man to validate you, your beauty or anything else about you. I say this not because you need me to tell you that but because you need to know that I know that. Secondly, this is not a come on and I don’t want anything from you. Too many men for too long have used compliments as currency for getting what they want from women. This isn’t that. You have every reason to be proud of yourself, every part of you. Keep being the best you that you can be. You are doing an amazing job.

I want to share his words with you all so that you can take them in too! Not because as women we need approval of our bodies from men, but because I would like to see the Body Image and Body Lovin’ Movements bring more men into the dialogue. I have heard from the men in my life that what I am doing is affecting them too and not necessarily in the ways that I would expect. It leads me to wonder: Have men been left out of the body image movement? Have men felt left out of the body image movement?

For the men out there, here are a few resources: Big Men’s Style, Resources, Shopping & Guides

Chubstr even recently showcased Yellowknife-born, Canadian Spoken Word Artist Shane Koyczan as their Man of the Week.

Kimanzi Constable wrote this piece on men and body image issues. I love his message “being healthy starts in your mind”.

And this great article on how the recognition and diagnosis of body image and eating disorders in boys hasn’t quite caught up to reality.

I would love to start to hear from men about how they feel about their bodies. How would the men out there describe their experience of body-shame? And how would you describe your body?


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