Glacier Lake Swim

The Bikini Body Project: Day Eight – Body Love in Glacier Lakes

It seems my new thing is that when I arrive at a new place I now immediately get into my bikini and into the water. In the past I would have just FELT the strong desire to get into the water, but I would have been terrified. Terrified to expose myself like that. Terrified to share. Terrified to be vulnerable. I used to feel like I was just too round and feminine for this hard and masculine world and that the baring of my body felt like the ultimate display of how I didn’t fit in. Like my body all on its own was subversive. I didn’t have to try. I just was subversive. And I didn’t want it. I just wanted to be “normal”.

Glacier Lake Swim

Whistler, BC

Now for the most part none of these thoughts really enter my head. Mostly I think about what will make my body happy, what will feel good for my body. And that is body love. Usually what will make my body happy is being in water so that is the best way I can love my body. Even if the water is a glacier fed lake, which I gotta say has nothing on the lakes of the NWT. I got pretty much all the way in before I realized the water was supposed to be cold.

Glacier Lakes won’t stop this bikini body.



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