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The Bikini Body Project: Day Two – Bikini Body for Dinner

Dinntetime Bikinis


The Bikini Body Project Day Two: So you’d think that staying inside and wearing your bikini would make this challenge easier, but let me tell you…

When I decided to wear my bikini at dinner, ok not so much “decided” as I hadn’t worn my bikini yet that day so I was left with the option of wearing it for dinner, I thought ‘NBD I’m in my safe space. How bad could this be?’

First of all, who eats dinner at their dining room table in a bikini?

Second of all, eating dinner in your bikini means provides a great opportunity to practice practice deep acceptance of your full belly. (Can you hear the hint of sarcasm?) Bonus points for the belly being full of beets from our garden.

I promise to venture outside tomorrow.



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  1. Britt
    Britt says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say 1. You’re amazing and brave and beautiful, inside and out!
    2. I love this Ruhcus idea!
    3. Homegrown beets… Yum
    4. I think we really have this idea that our younger years are when we peak… But I feel the complete opposite. I see all of the beautiful women in my life getting more and more awesome everyday and I really am so excited about how much time I really have to learn to give myself the self love I need. Thank you for solidifying that for me with this. Every time I read your posts or speak to you I swear you get more and more incredible with each day that passes! I’m conflicted with awe and envy! I want in! 😉


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