The Body Lovin’ Summit Recap and Party

The Body Lovin' Party


Body Lovin’ Party Rescheduled! We fought technology & technology won.

You know when you get so.freaking.excited about something, then plans get botched, you try desperately to keep at it, but in the end you just have to throw in the towel and be ok with trying again another time?

Yea, Wednesday’s Body Lovin’ Party was one of those times.

We had a serious throw-down with Google+ Hangouts and embarrassingly lost the battle. Not even the bubbly we had on hand made us feel better about the mess. Siiiiigh. (Can we blame it on Mercury Retrograde? Yes?? Ok cool.)

But don’t you worry your gorgeous self at all, we have rescheduled this shindig for MONDAY, OCTOBER 27th at 8pm Eastern (6pm Mountain) and we feel muuuuch better about things going our way this time around.

Come Monday night, we’ll look forward to seeing you at the Partaaaay which you can access that night via this link —->

Aaaaaand be sure to bring your champagne for realzies this time, because we most certainly cannot keep our big announcement a secret for much longer!!

Mark your calendar lovely and we will see you Monday night!

Wishing you rainbows, unicorns & technology that cooperates,

Krystal and Emily

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