Uplifting Yoga for Winter Days [VIDEO]

uplifting yoga for winter days


If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you probably can feel the shorter days affecting you? I know I can. Up here in the Northwest Territories it’s dark when I wake up and dark again by 4pm. Winter can sometimes have negative effects leading us to fear its arrival. However, winter can also be an opportunity to slow down, embrace being creative and connect with yin and kapha energies.

This short (10 min) winter yoga flow is for people for whom the darkness is scary and an unwelcome season in their life. For people who want to know how to channel or harness the winter energy. For people who want to let go of the past and move into the new year and the new light with new energy and new vision for their life.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.11.05 PM

Hope you enjoy!




Behind the Scenes at The Luscious Life

This week I wanted to share with you a behind the scenes sneak peek of what goes on at The Luscious Life.

It’s an opportunity to check out:

  • a tour of our studio space, Remedy;  
  • children practicing yoga-based self-regulation at schools in Behchoko, NWT;
  • teens relaxing in yoga nidra; and
  • images of the fun times I have with my students.




Is there anything that goes on behind the scenes at The Luscious Life that you are curious about? Share in the comments.



Trick or Treat: Ground Yourself with Bhu (BOO) Mudra

Bhu Mudra Meditation

In the spirit of Halloween I wanted to offer a fun, easy and short practice of Bhu Mudra meditation. See what I did there? Bhu mudra. Boo mudra.

In all serious, fall time can be a chaotic and busy time. Many of us are getting back into routines and filling up our schedules. Ayurvedically fall is a time that can cause vata imbalances. Vata is the air element of our constitution. Symptoms of a vata imbalance might be excessive worry and stress, difficulty making decisions, feeling scattered in your mind and light or unrestful sleep.

To help balance vata we need to ground. So today we will practice Bhu Mudra a very grounding and calming mudra. It is associated with your first chakra and can increase a sense of safety and stability.

Pose: Sukhasana

Mudra: Bhu

Affirmation: I am supported by the earth.

Check out the video here.

Tell me how this meditation makes you feel. Do you feel calmer afterwards?


Try these fun spring detox yoga sequences!

Welcome Spring!

Can you feel it in the air? I can! There is an energy and an excitement as the world comes back to life. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal; a time to clear out the old and make way for the new. In our Next Level Yoga Series we are practicing a fired up, core strengthening, twisting and third chakra focused sequence, using the element of fire to burn through this past season’s energy so that we can move forward.

I wanted to let you all in on our practice with these short sequences that you can do from home.

Do you have other favorite twists? What do you do to get fired up? I wanna know. Drop me a line in the comments.

Happy Spring!


Yoga for Breast Health

Yoga for Breast Health (Video)


Yoga for Breast Health


With all of this talk about breasts during my Bikini Body Project and it being October and all, I felt inspired to do a little video on Yoga for Breast Health. I was also inspired by these mushrooms I found on a hike in the Temperate Rainforest. I mean, I have no idea why I would think of breasts or anything when I look at these. 😉

My friend and I were talking recently about the importance of self-examination in early detection of breast cancer and we came up with a few tips for ourselves to begin a regular self-examination practice. I thought I would share them here. They are just some tips from us as regular women so please check out the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Know Your Breasts HERE.

Tips for a Regular Breast Self-Exam

  1. Set a reminder in your calendar for each month at the same point in your cycle to help you remember to do the self-exam and so that you are consistent with the stage of cycle for each exam.
  2. Have a separate notebook for recording your observations from your exam each month.
  3. Create a breast diagram that can use you document what you felt, how it felt and where you felt it. This way you can visually track how your breasts change through time.
  4. Celebrate with a self-care treat like a bath, massage, this yoga for breast health practice, flowers, or anything that feels good.

I know a self-exam can be scary and stressful, you might be worried you will find something, or maybe you have in the past so most importantly approach this practice with self-love, self-nurturance and connection.

Wishing you happy, healthy breasts!