Gabifresh herself rockin' a fat-kini.

The Bikini Body Project: Day Four – Oh, the irony!


If I ever doubted that this was truly a challenge for myself and society, my Facebook feed is always there to provide an answer.

It’s day four of the bikini body project and I am still hanging about the yard in my bikini. I hit up the front yard today and right at 5pm when everyone is coming home from work. I couldn’t help it. It was so beautiful and sunny and I want to enjoy it.

But even though I have gotten up the courage to do this I still have fears. And every single time it is so SCARY. I guess rightfully so, as across my FB feed I see the article “Why are today’s young women so unashamed about being fat?”. Yes, more shame. That’s exactly what we need in this world Linda Kelsey. Please feel free to pass on reading her article. It’s a pretty hateful and very unhelpful piece. Instead I offer this up as a palette cleanser, Buzzfeed’s 39 women who are rocking a fatkini. I choose to focus on that and the power Gabifresh’s fatkini vision has given to women of all sizes.

Gabi Gregg herself rockin' a fat-kini.

Gabi Gregg herself rockin’ a fatkini.


Thank you to all the supporters!


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