The Reverse Bucket List (Inspired by Rebecca Tracey)

The Reverse Bucket List

Recently, the stellar Rebecca Tracey, one of my business mentors over at The Uncaged Life, posted an inspired blog piece for what to do when you are feeling like crap. We can all get wrapped up into comparing our lives to others and feeling like we are not doing enough or that we are not enough in general. In fact, I have written about my own struggles with that before here. I love learning new ways to give myself a little boost when I’m down and her Reverse Bucket List idea is a pretty quick and easy way to get your brain thinking more positively and focusing on all you have to be grateful for. Instead of a list of all the things you hope to achieve, The Reverse Bucket List, is a list of all of the things you have achieved.


To help you get your mind in a space of gratitude, consider the all experiences you’ve had- all of the wonderful experiences, like travel, falling in love, or learning something new. All of the wonderful experiences and even all of the challenging experiences. The ones you may have overcome. Even other challenges and experiences that you have learned from and that you have grown from.


Gratitude is an incredibly powerful skill for creating healing in the body and relieving stress. It can help improve relationships and increase our sense of joy! When we cultivate a sense of gratitude we tend to live more in the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or striving for some future achievement. Instead we become content with the present. Honouring and acknowledging the gift of the present.


Don’t just take my word for it, neuroscience says practicing gratitude helps to boost dopamine and serotonin, “feel-good” chemicals in your brain.


So with all of that in mind, I offer you my Reverse Bucket List of all of the experiences I am ever so grateful to have had.


  1. Take my yoga teacher training
  2. Start to love my body 
  3. See the ruins of where Caesar was killed
  4. Swim in the Mediterranean
  5. Swim naked in the ocean
  6. Swim with sea turtles
  7. Wear a bikini and rock it!
  8. Heal from past trauma (at least partially)
  9. Fall in love
  10. Feel proud of how I communicate in relationships
  11. Become a treeplanter in Northern Ontario
  12. WWOOF for a summer in B.C.
  13. Visit every Canadian province and territory (ok, I haven’t gotten to PEI yet, but I’m comin’ for you PEI)
  14. Improve my second language. “Parlez vous francais?”
  15. Experience the loss of someone who was like a sister
  16. Go train-hopping from White River to Thunder Bay, Ontario
  17. Attend rocket science camp
  18. Have a career as an Environmental Scientist
  19. Work in a Natural History Museum as an artist
  20. Work in an Evolutionary Biology laboratory on a project that was published in Nature
  21. Dance all night under the northern lights
  22. Perform in a castle made of snow on a frozen lake
  23. Finish my B.Sc. at McGill University
  24. Land a lead role in my high school musical
  25. Ride a bike in Paris with a baguette sticking out of my basket
  26. Help underserved youth
  27. See bioluminescence. So cool! Check it out!
  28. Facilitate people feeling great in their bodies and about their bodies every day!
  29. Pay off one of my student loans (and that last one is not far off)
  30. Heal from an eating disorder
  31. Start my own business
  32. Help make the world a better place every day doing what I love
  33. Film videos of me moving my body and put them online
  34. Bake a pie
  35. Produce my own zine
  36. Snowmobile on the tundra
  37. Be the best damn daughter and sister I know how
  38. Learn that I’m “Internet Famous”
  39. See the desert
  40. Create a Yoga-Based Self-Regulation Program to be taught in schools
  41. Produce my own Yoga Nidra CDs and Yoga Therapy DVDs
  42. Go off to a cabin to write music for a month
  43. Sing Italian arias in front of judges
  44. Devote 7 months of my life to taking ALL THE DANCE CLASSES
  45. Survive depression
  46. Cultivate a regular yoga and meditation practice
  47. Run my first Body Love Retreat – The Feelin’ Good Retreat
  48. Become a certified Yoga Therapist
  49. Teach yoga classes where I am the biggest body in the room
  50. Be in love with myself

Whew! So often I feel unworthy about my lack of productivity. Looking at this list reminds me, it’s ok to take a break. Next I hope to add to this list that I have developed such a strong practice of self-care that my self-care is preventative, rather than necessary because I have extended myself too far. #goals


What about you? Does this list inspire you to create your own Reverse Bucket List? Post it here in the comments and tell me how looking at your Reverse Bucket List makes you feel?


Thanks for reading!

3 replies
  1. Raissa
    Raissa says:

    Thank you for the tip Krystal ! I’ll defenetly give it a try 🙂 I’ve already been thinking of what i’ll write on it and it feels pretty amazing to look back and see that “I’ve done some pretty amazing thing ! High five to ME !” When we always think there’s something to be fix about us we can forget that pretty quick right ?
    Gratitude for this post ! PS : Where do you buy your swimsuit ?

      • Raissa
        Raissa says:

        Thanks for the tip Krystal ! You rocked the look by the way ! I sincerely find that all those women just putting a bikini no matter what their size is, really beautiful and give me (at least) the idea to consider putting one ! I’m moving to Australia at the end of January and I’ve had negative thoughts about how I should lose weight before, etc. But I know better now so I try to push those thought and focus on inviting joy in my life daily ! Keep up the inspirational work 😉 Thanks again <3


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