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Who would even dare to call their yoga retreat something as ridiculous and whimsical as “Yoga Among the Unicorns”? Well, we would, but I had trouble getting there. And then I realized that I would LOVE to go to a retreat called Yoga Among the Unicorns so maybe there are others like me out there.

Others who are into a weekend of relaxation, fun and whimsy! All you need to do is bring your body exactly as it is and you will get to know yourself and horses in a whole new way.

You know me, Krystal Thompson, Body Love Yoga Therapist, but now I’d like to introduce you to our Unicorn Wrangler, Heather Nelson. Check out my interview with Heather below.

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What does an experience of connecting with the horses (in a non-riding way) look like?

Horses have an incredible energy field because their hearts are bigger than ours.  They can give you so much love.  You can develop a strong friendship with a horse.  You don’t have to put a rope on your friend to share an activity.  Friends want to be together and they GET each other.  They enjoy each other’s company.  You can experience true friendship with a horse if you are willing and are in the right space emotionally and energetically.

What benefits does this kind of connection offer?

Horses heal.  I can’t count the number of times my horses have come over and put their noses on a particular spot and that’s the exact spot I’m experiencing pain.  A horse was touching my sore knee, but I told him I had a broken heart and that was worse.  He immediately moved his muzzle up and rested his nose on my chest.  Horses are so intuitive and wise.  If you can set aside your logical brain, where we’ve been told that horses are beast of burden, you will see miracles unfold: unicorn miracles!  Horses will challenge you too.  They see you for who you are because they read body language and energy.  Their lives have depended on it, so they know truth when they see it.  It’s a great opportunity for practice.  You can pretend you are confident and they will blow your cover.

What is your vision for the women who come to Yoga Among the Unicorns this July?

That they will have a riot together.  A peaceful riot of laughter.  I hope they learn some tools that they can take to help them in their lives afterwards.  I want them to experience the heart string connection a horse offers and for them to discover something positive about themselves in the process.

Why unicorns?  Why have yoga with horses?  

To me the unicorn symbolizes the magical, mystical, spiritual.  The horn is like a symbol for the intuitive third eye.  Yoga is a beautiful practice for relaxation, peace, strength and flexibility.  Yoga brings you into the present and provides release and joy in your body, mind and spirit.  If you want to connect with a horse you need to be in that space or they won’t respond to you very well.

Does it matter if someone has no experience with horses or even if they have a fear of horses?

Women will need NO experience with horses at all to participate in the retreat.  There will be no requirement to handle the horses and I will be there to explain the body language and to gain understanding of the animals.  It’s a safe space to get to know them. The horses at the farm are accustomed to children and beginners too.

What would you say to a woman who is on the fence about coming to the workshop?

Jump in the car, the boat, the plane, or on your bike and come on down!  We are going to have so much fun and with yoga, horses, meditation and good food how can you possibly not feel rejuvenated and inspired by the experience?  I’m super ecstatic about going and I’m teaching the workshop, so technically I’m working that weekend, but I just can’t wait to meet everyone.  I hope I get to join in the yoga!

I hope you can join us! I know it will be a magical weekend.






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